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Midwestern Cuisine Cooking Recipes Tips, American Regional and Fusion Cuisine, Cooking Tips

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Midwestern cuisine refers to the regional cuisines of the American Midwest and is based on simple dishes such as pot roast, sausage, and pancakes. The Midwest is sometimes known as the bread basket of America as it produces most of the grain, beef, and dairy products of the country. The main grains produced in Midwest America are wheat, corn and soybeans which are staples of traditional Midwestern cuisine along with meat and dairy products. The major Midwestern food industries like beef and pork processing play a strong role in regional diets. Midwestern cooking has largely been influenced by the cuisines of Central, Northern and Eastern Europe.

Midwestern cuisine in the United States may vary from region to region and the food is generally simply but delightful. Seasoning in Midwestern recipes is mild, and is mostly sweet. Some of the popular Midwestern dishes include Baked Ziti, Indiana Potato Salad, Broccoli Chicken Casserole I, Meatloaf that Doesn`t Crumble, Tangy Turkey and Swiss Sandwiches, Beef Stew, Hearty Hash Brown Dinner, Swiss Chicken Casserole and more. Also popular among Midwestern cuisines are the Chicago-style hot dog and the Chicago-style pizza. Many Midwestern cuisines have flavors of Southern and Northeast cuisine while some are unique to the Midwest, and have typical Midwestern preparation style.

The several other Midwestern cuisine include Dry Rub for Ribs, Midwest Brisket, Simple Country Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Fresh Cherry Crisp, Cherry Pie IV, Rhubarb Cherry Jelly, Fresh Cherry Cobbler, Wisconsin Bratwurst and Snail Pale among other delicious dishes. Apart from Midwestern, the other American Regional and Fusion Cuisine includes Native American cuisine, New York City cuisine, Pacific Northwest Cuisine, Puerto Rican cuisine, Cajun cuisine, Louisiana Creole cuisine and Chicago cuisines. Restaurants all over the United States offer some of the best cuisines having the taste and flavors of the country.

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