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American Chinese Cuisine, Chinese American Food, American Cuisine Recipes

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 16 May, 2011 LIFESTYLE  COOKING & RECIPES  

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America is a country that doesnt have any specific style of cuisine. They take something from the various cuisines of different nations and make it Americanized. America can be termed as the paradise for all food lovers as this is the place where you get to taste a wide platter of mouth watering dishes of various parts of the world. American Chinese cuisines are very well accepted and favourite among people of the nation.

Though the basic cooking is done in Chinese style, yet it is significantly different from the flavors of authentic Chinese food. Some restaurants term this cookery as American Chinese or Chinese American food. The essential difference between American Chinese food and Chinese food is that the former uses vegetable for garnish where as the later uses vegetables to emphasize the dish. Hence, American Chinese is tastier and less pungent than the original Chinese cuisine.

Some of the reputed and famous American Chinese dishes are given below. Scroll down and know about the Americanized style of Chinese that you will surely love to gorge on:
  • General Tso`s Chicken
  • Sesame Chicken
  • Chinese chicken salad
  • Chop suey
  • Chow mein
  • Crab rangoon
  • Fortune cookie
  • Mongolian beef
Apart from the western American Chinese dishes, there are some regional American Chinese dishes which includes the following
  • Chow mein sandwich
  • Chop suey sandwich
  • St. Paul sandwich
Taste the delicious Americanized version of Chinese dishes that is sure to have you craving for more.
  • Batter-fried meat
  • The chicken ball
  • Egg drop soup
  • Egg foo young,
  • Egg roll
  • Fried rice
  • Kung Pao chicken
  • Lo mein
  • Moo shu pork
  • Wonton soup
  • Cashew chicken
  • Beef with broccoli
  • Meat "with" a vegetable

You will get to see different types of restaurants of American Chinese food at America. List of these restaurants are as follows:
  • Sit down dining restaurant
  • Take out restaurant
  • Buffets restaurant
  • Barbecue restaurant
Stay with sitagita to know more.

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