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American Regional and Fusion Cuisine, American Cuisine Recipes, American Fusion Cuisine Recipes

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 16 May, 2011 LIFESTYLE  COOKING & RECIPES  

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As United State is full of immigrant people of various parts, you will get to enjoy a diverse food and cuisine at USA. There are many dishes in America that has its origin in some other nation but with time these cuisines have been Americanized. Hence, America can be the paradise for all food lovers as this is the place where you get to explore a wide platter of mouth watering dishes of various parts of the world.

The cooking style of American dishes is also unique. They enjoy a synthesis of various cuisines throughout the world with something from each community. These dishes are better known as the fusion cuisines of America. Apart from fusion cuisines, there are some regional cuisines of America too. These regional cuisines include the east coastal cuisine of America such as varieties of seafood and fish preparations, corn and beef and lots more.

Scroll down to know about the famous regional styles of cooking in America.
  • Southern Cooking
  • Cajun cuisine
  • Hawaiian cuisine
  • California cuisine

Some of the well reputed restaurants that provide yummy and tasty American regional food are as follows:
  • Famous Dave`s
  • McGill`s Barand grill
  • Quigley`s Irish Pub
  • Redstone American grill
  • Buona Beef
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The list of American regional and fusion cuisines is given below to enhance your knowledge about the food habits and culture of the place:

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