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Clothing Brands

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 01 Mar, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  FASHION, STYLE & TIPS  

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The clothing brands all over the world reflect the creative genius of the designers who form the powerhouse allowing the apparel companies to work and produce clothing under the name of the fashion house they own. Depending on the fashion that these brands create, the trends spread like fire across boundaries.
So, if you are one of those who swear by the names of clothing brands and want to know all about them and the various styles they specialize in, then look up the fashion magazines and you will be aware of the latest and the oldest of brands that have become a hit and those that have missed and lots more. The fashion magazines have been designed in a manner to provide you the best insight into the clothing brands across the globe and much more.
Be it the world of acclaimed brands of men`s apparel of casual shirt, T-shirt, Jeans, Shoe, Sneaker brands for men or the ones which are for females which puts on display excellent variety of shoes, dresses and bags the clothing brands are just raking in the moolah with their style quality and brand reputation.
If you are fashion conscious and know about style then these following names will be very much familiar to you, they are Armani, Gap, J Crew and Burberry which are great brands for men`s clothing. There are very famous t-shirts brands like Abercrombie, Diesel, French Connection, Armani, etc which are very popular clothing brands among the people who swear by the designer clothes or popular clothes brands. There are world class jeans brands which men are crazy about and would only buy from these brands are Lacoste, True Religion, Rock And Republic, 7 For All Mankind, and G-Star Raw.
Other clothing brands would include among clothes is Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and top sneaker brands like, Nike, Puma, Reebok and Greedy Genius about which you can get detailed information in any fashion magazines. There are various stores across the whole world where one can buy their favorite brand be it shirt, t-shirt or shoes.
Today when more and more people are becoming brand conscious retailers are cashing on it and are earning big bucks. The big names in the clothing brands tell us how our fashion scenario has evolved and changed. There are some brands which have been in business for more than 100 years. These clothing brands have made a definite mark in the fashion and clothing industry. The brands have changed the whole style and clothing scenario.

Brand consciousness among youth

Media and promotions have been the sole reasons for the brand awareness and consciousness among the Generation Y. This is the new trend that more and more young people are buying clothes which are of a particular reputed brand. When they are out shopping in a chic shopping mall they are sure to visit one of the big brands to buy a pair of jeans or a shirt from the shop. Today the youth are eager to shell out a fortune to buy branded cloths.
The common concept is that the clothing brands provide high quality and great comfort. And hence more and more people are becoming brand loyalist even though they have to give out quite a huge sum of money when he is making his purchases. Most people tend to go and buy which are highly reputed and have a brand value.
By brand value people mean by the quality, the price and the style. Being brand conscious is the new fashion mantra which has caught on like forest fire. The increased income levels help the young people to buy from big clothing brands with much ease and comfort. The urge to look good and stylish has also induced the Gen X to buy clothing brands which are supposed to be cool and `in`.

Popular Clothing Brands

Some of the biggest names in clothing brands are Armani, Gucci, Abercrombie, and True Religion. Armani is one of the biggest brands in men`s fashion clothing.
There are Armani boutiques all across the world. It is a favored brand from where men buy their shirts shorts and t-shirts. There are different materials and styles and colors available which one can choose while making a purchase.
Abercrombie Fitch popularly known just as Abercrombie is another very popular clothing brands in the fashion industry. It has a big collection for men, women as well as children. The color and quality of this brand is unsurpassed and excellent and hence a great favorite among the people who are a loyalist.
Gucci, Donatella Versace and Tommy Hilfiger are some of the other popular brands from which people like buying their outfits. The designs, cuts and color are very classy and extremely sophisticated. Other International clothing brands which are quite popular are Adidas and Agnes B.

Popular Clothing Brands in India

It is not just the West who is brand conscious. India is not left behind in this race. The popular clothing brands in India for men are Allen Solly, Arrow, Wrangler, Woodland, and Killer.
The popular brands which are for female are as follows: Biba, FI, Satya Paul, Bizare, and Rimanika. Even the kids nowadays have specialized brands and brand conscious mommies definitely get their little darlings the best. The best kids clothing brands are Lilyput, Ginni and Johny, Zapp, and Little Tomatoes.
The recent mall boom has also induced this brand consciousness which leads people to purchase from reputed clothing brands. Hence brands have gained a huge lot of importance in the recent past as people have become more conscious about fashion, style and their looks. That is why more and more Gen X people are opting for clothes which are from a reputed clothing brand.

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