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Bengali Bride

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 04 Sep, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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The red is a color is considered sacred among the Hindus. A Bengali Bride attires her marriage dress in colors of red, pink and maroon. On the day of her marriage a bride has to look good starting from her sari, jewelry, footwear, make up to everything. Nowadays many traditional designs have been incorporated in a bridal dress while still giving it a modern contemporary look.

Most of the Bengali brides wear vibrant red color Benarasi silk sari made up of rich brocade. She pays special attention to her wardrobe ranging from ornaments to the accessories including the footwear. Usually in traditional Bengali marriages, the bou or the Bengali bride dresses up in a benarasi sari with a wide zari border with a matching and tailor cut blouse. On the actual day of her marriage she usually dresses up traditionally in red. On the day of her marriage reception or bou bhat,she can wear some other color apart from red. The sari may be of different color with embroidery work done upon it. The benarasi sari has been adorned by a Bengali bride since time immemorial and is the signature of attire of a Bengali bride. The Benarasi sari looks extremely beautiful and gorgeous on a Bengali bride.

The benarasi sari adorn by the bride at the bou bhat is given to the bride by her in-laws. When it come on choosing a benarasi sari it has to be very meticulate. One has to also see the way it is how it is draped on the bride. So the orders for the perfect bridal outfit are to be placed much before in advance.

The ornaments are the integral part of a bridal trousseau. The Bengali bride also wears mangalsutra which is the a jewelry made of black beads to ward off the evil things on her way of marriage. A brides jewelery is suppose to bring her good luck and charm. Usually people go for ethnic look with traditional jewelery in gold or diamonds on the day of their marriage. While others prefer classic designer jewelry made of diamonds and other precious stones like topaz, pearls and sapphires . The Bengali bride also wears a mukut or a tiara made of pith, kumkum, nose ring, earrings, gold necklace with pendants, chains, bangles, bracelets, finger ring,toes ring ,waist band and anklets. Her forehead is designed with artistically designed motifs with white kumkum with red bindi in the center.

A Bengali bride usually wears three types of bangles. They include shankha which is the conch shell bangle, pala which is the lacquer bangle and and loha or the iron bangle. These three distinguish her from other brides of different community.

The traditional Bengali bride distinguishes her from that of any other community like she wears kajal-lata or the Kohl stick and the sacred vermilion that she wears on her forehead. The garland makes her look prettier. The bride slips into any designer shoes of her choice. Before adorning any kind of bridal wear, jewelery and accessories, a bride has to take good care of her hair, her skin, her health, and her body as a whole. This should be done months before her wedding.

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