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Indian Bride

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 04 Sep, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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An Indian bride always wants to be dressed in the most elegant fashion on the day of her marriage. This is the day when she is the center of attraction. She wants to be dressed up in the most spectacular dresses. Her wedding accesories, handbag, jewelry and shoes are all in sync with her wedding attire. The bride wears very costly dress on her day of marriage.

An Indian bride takes care on every part of her attire. Every aspect of her exterior look like hair style, dress and make up should be selected keeping parity with each other. The dress and other external set up of an Indian bride are selected in such a way so that these match with her personality.

From the very first day when a girl starts to think about her marriage she starts to think about her wedding dress. A girl is very careful before choosing her wedding sari. So before the wedding day a lot of preparation is made in purchasing wedding accessories.

Jewelry is an important part of the bridal make up in every society of the world. Indian bride is adored with costly jewelries. She bought the most exquisite kind of jewelry for her wedding. An Indian bride generally inherits jewelry from her mother or grand-mother.

An Indian bride also receives jewelries from her in laws. According to the the traditional Indian custom an Indian bride paints her hand with `mehendi`. This is the color to paint the hands in a decorated way.

Now-a-days an Indian bride is mainly choosing the garments and other accessories of very exclusive design for her wedding. Professional beauticians are now offering their services in the beautification of an Indian bride. Without a very matching hairstyle the bridal makeup is never completed. On the day of marriage an Indian bride is adorned by the hair designers.

Traditionally, an Indian bride the red dress on the day of her marriage. Bindi is also a part of bridal garments in India. Another indispensable part of the outfit of an Indian bride is the veil. Veil is a must to be worn by an Indian bride on the day of her marriage.

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