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Modern Bride

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 05 Sep, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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The word Bride originally means cook in Teutonic. This is a very ancient meaning and has changed its significance a lot in the modern times. The modern world never envisions a woman only in the role of a cook tending to the household of her husband and in-laws, catering to their needs and requirements. Modern Bride is much more than just an ordinary housewife. During the ceremony of marriage, especially in Christian marriages, the bride is accompanied by a bridesmaid or bridesmaids. The man to whom the lady is being married is known as the bridegroom or just groom. After marriage a bride is no longer addressed as Miss, but is considered in the society as Mrs. A Bride becomes the wife of the person to whom she is being married. The legal formalities should be completed before a bride can be termed as wife and the groom can be termed as husband. Bride in modern times is a lady who is a responsible person tending to her own needs as well as the needs of her family.

In Asian marriages, a Modern Bride is draped in vibrant and colorful wedding dresses during the time of marriage and the wedding ceremonies are quite elaborate too. There are a lot of customs and rituals associated with the ceremony of wedding. Modern Bride is the woman of the new age, with her new found independence and confidence. It is a great boost to the society as well.

Special dresses are ordered for the Modern Bride at the time of the marriage ceremony. The attire changes according to the religions that the bride and the groom adheres to. For consummation of the marriage both the bride and the groom should go through the necessary legal procedures needed to complete a marriage, formally. A tiara is the formal dress of the bride in the continents of North America and Europe. The wedding attire is a white gown made of muslin, very beautiful and intricately designed. This tradition of wearing a white dress for the wedding was initiated with the wedding ceremony of Queen Victoria. Virginity is symbolized by the white dress and therefore, is given such a recognition.

Modern Bride is no longer bound within the folds of traditional rituals and customs. In the modern world, it is quite evident that more love marriages are taking place than arranged marriages. Nowadays, women are not afraid of taking any bold step, to ensure a better future. Women themselves have more say on what they want in their wedding ceremony and should it go about. They are no more passive agents but are forceful individuals.

Modern day bride is very comfortable in whatever she is doing and knows exactly what she wants, from her marriage as well as from her husband. On top of that they have more choices with the arrival of many designer items, especially the wedding gown and bridal make up. It is undoubtedly a sure step towards woman emancipation and individual prowess.

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