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Bridal Gold Jewelry

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 03 Sep, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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Bridal gold jewelry is usually ornate and worn by certain communities and cultures. In most Christian weddings, white metals and pearl jewelry match with the wedding gowns. In Indian weddings, there is maximum bridal gold jewelry worn by brides. Gold jewelry for brides is available in sets which have same designs and patterns to complete the look. Gold bridal jewelry can be worn with any color wedding dress. Gold jewelry is different in different cultures. The jewelry has different patterns and styles depending upon the culture it belongs to. The culture determines the shape and style in which gold jewelry is made.

Bridal gold jewelry is mostly ornate items with lavish and grand designs. The designs are similar to antique as well as modern patterns. There is handmade bridal gold jewelry which is exclusive and has intricate designs all over them. The machine made jewelry is very popular as many patterns can be made on them and are cheaper compared to the handmade ones. But the machine made bridal gold jewelry does not have the exclusiveness in designs. The handmade bridal gold jewelry is far more exclusive as all of them are works of fine craftsmanship.

The bridal gold jewelry comprises of gold sets. The gold sets include necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets and rings. The sets all have matching patterns and designs. Other gold jewelry can be bought ready made to complete the bridal look. Items like nose pins and tiaras are bought with similar patterns and designs. Bridal gold jewelry have ethnic designs which are crafted by master artists. There are handmade bridal gold jewelry that is very exclusive. Jewelries meant for bridal wear are also ideal for other occasions. Bridal jewelries are worn depending on the selection of the brides as well.

Many prefer to wear sleek designs rather than chunky designs. The sleek designs can be used as daily wear. The intricate and chunky ones are suitable only for special occasions. Gold jewelry of ethnic designs are very popular as there is intricateness. Veils are held well with gold tiaras. The tiaras can be custom made according to the choice of the wearer or matched with other gold jewelry set. Bangles and bracelets in gold are available in various sizes. There are enameled designs with which many colorful patterns are made. Color coordination on gold brings out additional beauty of gold jewelry. They match well with the outfits.

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