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US Technology Services

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 09 Jul, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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US Technology Services is a leading BPO Company. It also provides IT services to the clients.?One of the major advantage of BPO services is that the clients have total control over the operations and at the same time, they are able to cut down costs during market fluctuations. US Technology Services has earned reputation as a well known business process outsourcing company by their performance, quality and methodologies. The company has earned accolades from its clients for offering excellent services to them.?

Recent developments in US Technology Services:
The BPO segment of US Technology Services has been selected by a client to support their appraisal valuation business.?The on site and offshore team of US Technology Services have extensive experience in financial services and mortgage banking.?The clients want to outsource their business to US Technologies because they want to maintain their service level.

According to Ram Dhindhwal, President, mortgage BPO operations of US Technology Services,?the client choose their company because of their immense abilities.
The clients have confidence that US Technology will be able to handle the job properly. The mortgage BPO service of US Technology Service went live on March 4, 2007. The customer also added various other services such as vendor management, appraisal valuation and post closing work.?The actual?agreement offers a team from the company to process orders. It also provides US Technology Services the opportunity to review the final appraisals to make sure that the information was complete.

Services offered by US Technology Services:
The company also offers back office support to its clients.?Thus the customers will be able to handle additional and new clients for their own company.?To handle the huge volume of work, US Technology Services, has set up two shifts to cater to the need of its clients.?One of the major client of US Technology Services is a top national bank. The company is able to handle large volume of business because of its staffs. They are able to handle huge volume of work with efficiency and accuracy.

The clients who are associated with?US Technology Services will be able to save 35 to 45 percent of its cost. The pricing will continue to reconstitute and it will eventually lead to further cost saving for the company. This company is reputed for offering services to mortgage service providers and mortgage lenders. They do the back office jobs on behalf of their clients. Thus the cost to maintain back office processes will come down for their customers.

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