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Bollywood in Europe

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 29 Jan, 2011 ENTERTAINMENT  MOVIES  

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Bollywood movies have received global popularity and praise of international audience in the last few years. The Bollywood movies, which are exhibited in large number in different parts of the world are responsible to a great extent in making the Indian film industry familiar in different countries. The popularity of movies of Bollywood in Europe can be realized by the number of movies which runs successfully here.

The European theaters have been a favorite venue for the premiere of Bollywood movies. Many directors choose the European nations for premiere of their big budget movies. Some of the films are released simultaneously in India and other European countries. These films are released with as much hype in these countries as in India.

In the recent years most directors in Bollywood spend a huge sum of money on the films. The exhibition of the films in the European countries, the profit earned and the worldwide recognition received helps them to make up for their expense.

A large number of Bollywood award functions are today organized in these European countries. These award functions are held in close collaboration with the local film industry and government thereby helping the two different industries to enter into a good relation.

The Film Festivals that are organized in different countries invite the film directors of Bollywood to showcase their films. As a result the foreigh viewers and filmmakers have an insight to the Indian film industry. The popular filmmakers of Bollywood form an idea about the expectation

Most of the Bollywood directors choose Switzerland, London, Paris and other regions for location of their movies. In the recent times large number of Hindi movies have been released whose story is based on the Indians over there or set against the background of these countries.

The vital reason for popularity of Bollywood in Europe is the non resident Indians who have settled in these countries. Large number of Indians have migrated to England, Germany and other nations for higher studies, job opportunities and better standard of living. Most of these Indians try to follow their own culture and custom while staying in these countries. Bollywood movies are the vital source of entertainment for them. The movies featured in the satellite channels have been able to secure attention of the natives too.

The Bollywood stars perform in different shows organized in various countries of Europe. These shows are witnessed by not only the Indians but also the local inhabitants. Besides these European countries are the favorite holiday destination and shopping spots for the filmstars. A frequent visit to these countries help the filmstars to become popular among the local people. The popularity of Bollywood in Europe is well evident from the craze of German fans when superstar Shah Rukh Khan visited Germany recently.

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