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Geeta Dutt,Singer Geeta Dutt,Song in the Film Baazi

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A singer who is remembered for her sweet voice and an unparalleled style of singing is Geeta Dutt. Geeta Dutt is a singer who is believed to have the capability of instilling life into a song. Famous music critic Raju Bharathan described Geeta Dutt as both "thandi hawa and kaali ghata rolled into one". Geeta Dutt was born as Geeta Roy in Faridpur district of East Bengal in the year 1930. When she was just 12 years of age in the year 1942 she went to Mumbai with her parents. The music director Hanuman Prasad first heard her sing in her house in Mumbai. She was given two lines to sing in the film `Bhakt Prahlad`.

The first major assignment for Geeta Dutt came in the year 1947 with the film "Do Bhai". The music of the film was a big time hit especially the song "Mera Sunder Sapna Beet Gaya". She went to the helm of popularity by rendering soulful songs in the films `Barsaat`, `Andaaz` and `Mahal`. These three films became hits not only because of excellent scripts but also excellent music and the songs of Geeta Dutt in these films became hits.

Though when she began her career Geeta Dutt was known for singing sad songs and for beautiful bhajans with the release of the film `Baazi` she became famous for singing cabarets too. The song was `Tadbir Se Bigdi Hui` and the music was scored by S.D. Burman. From then on whenever there was a club song or a seductive song- Geeta Dutt became the automatic choice. However, with S.D. Burman Geeta Dutt sang some other types of songs as well and this included a kirtan type of song which is `Aaj Saajan Mohe Ang Laga Lo` in "Pyaasa".

When she was recording the song `Tadbir Se Bigdi Hui` then on the studio she met the talented director Guru Dutt. A romance blossomed between them and they got married in the year 1953. From then on Geeta Dutt started singing some memorable songs in the films directed by him along with the other assignments as well. However, the relationship soured between them and the relationship between them soon broke down. The death of Guru Dutt in the year 1964, took a toll on her health as she started drinking too much. She tried to come back to singing and even became a heroine for the Bengali film `Badhu Boron`. However, this talented singer`s life was shortened by cirrhosis of liver in the year 1972.

Some of the famous songs of Geeta Dutt are `Meri Jaan` in the film "Anubhav", `Piya Aiso Jiya Mein` and "Na Jao Saaiyan" in "Sahib Biwi Ghulam", "Hawa Dhire Aana" in `Sujata` and "Babuji Dheere Chalna" in `Aar Paar`.

For authentic information on Geeta Dutt you can browse through the site sitagita.com.

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