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Rajinder Singh Bedi,Screenwriters of Bollywood,Bollywood Screenwriters

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Rajinder Singh Bedi is one of the renowned Bollywood screenwriters. He was born in the year 1915 in the Sialkot district of Punjab, British India. Currently, this place falls under Pakistan. Rajinder Singh Bedi was a prolific writer of Urdu stories. He came into films at a much later stage. Rajinder Singh Bedi died in the year 1984.

Rajinder Singh Bedi is one of the best screen writers of Bollywood. Earlier he used to write Hindi and Urdu stories. One of his well known novels is `Ek Chadar Maili Si`. Later, this was made into a film. Rajinder Singh Bedi entered into films as a scenarist and also as a dialogue writer.

Rajinder Singh Bedi, a reputed screen writer was the father of famous writer and director, Narendra Bedi. He was the director of Jammu and Kashmir Broadcasting Service for a short period of time. His directorial debut took place in the year 1970 with the film, Dastak starring Sanjeev Kumar and Rehana Sultan.

Rajinder Singh Bedi won several awards and accolades in his lifetime. In 1959, he won the Filmfare Award for being the best dialogue writer. Rajinder Singh Bedi got this award for the movie, Madhumati (1958).

Rajinder Singh Bedi was an eminent Hindi film director, screenwriter and noted dialogue writer. As a dialogue writer, he excelled in films like Hrishikesh Mujherjee`s Abhimaan, Anupama and Satyakam and Bimal Roy`s Madhumati.

Rajinder Singh Bedi is considered to be the second most outstanding Urdu fiction writer after Saadat. His tales on partition are very renowned. `Phagun` is a very popular movie that was directed by Rajinder Singh Bedi. This film had Dharmendra, Waheda Rehman, Jaya Bhaduri and Vijay Arora, as its star cast.

Movies that can be credited to Rajinder Singh Bedi include the following:
  • Badi Bahen (1949) - Dialogue
  • Daag (1952) - Dialogue
  • Mirza Ghalib (1954)- Dialogue
  • Devdas (1955) - Dialogue
  • Milap (1955) - Dialogue
  • Basant Bahar (1956) - Dialogue
  • Musafir (1957) _ Dialogue
  • Madhumati (1958)- Dialogue
  • Bambai Ka Babu (1960) - Dialogue
  • Anuradha (1960) - Dialogue
  • Rangoli (1962) - Dialogue and screenwriter
  • Anupama (1966) - Dialogue
  • Mere Hamdam Mere Dost (1968) - Screenwriter
  • Satyakam (1969) - Dialogue
  • Dastak (1970)- Direction and screenwriter
  • Abhimaan (1973) - Dialogue
  • Phagun (1973) - Director and producer
  • Mutthi Bhar Chawal (1978) - Story
  • Aankhin Dekhi (1978) - Director
  • Ek Chadar Maili Si (1986) - Story
Rajinder Singh Bedi is one of the finest Bollywood directors.

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