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Kamal Amrohi is known as one of the finest Bollywood screenwriters who has written scripts and dialogue for some of his films. This Bolywood screenwriter is also a well-known Indian filmmaker. He has done some classic movies of the film industry for which he is marked as one of the best and famous filmmakers in Bollywood. Kamal Amrohi was a legendary screenplay writer in Indian film industry

Kamal Amrohi is a prominent film personality who had made his mark in various aspects of film making. He was directly involved in writing stories, scripts and dialogues for movies. His rare talent in screenplay and dialogue writing had made the Indian film industry proud. He was honored with several awards throughout his life. Kamal Amrohi, the famous filmmaker has also established Kamal Pictures and Kamalistan Studio.

Known as a renowned Urdu and Hindi Poet, Kamal Amrohi joined the film industry in 1938. He started his career as a script writer and worked for several talented and legendary filmmakers of Bollywood. He has worked for Bollywood filmmakers like Sohrab Modi, Abdul Rashid Kardar and K. Asif. His association with Sohrab Modi proved to be beneficial for his career. He worked in the films like Jailor, Pukar, Bharosa and Kardar with him.

Another important movie in his career for which he worked as a dialogue writer is Mughal E Azam. This is one of his masterpieces and the story was set in the 16th century AD. This film depicts the love affair between Mughal emperor Saleem and his beautiful court dancer Anarkali. The immortal movie is noted for the rich and powerful dialogues. Some other movies for which he wrote scripts and dialogues include Shankar Hussain, Phool, Mazaaq and Main Hari.

Being known as one of the famous Bollywood screenwriters, Kamal Amrohi has also shown his talent in other aspects of film making like direction and production. He made his grand entry in direction with Mahal in 1949. He also directed some other classics and masterpieces like Pakeezah and Razia Sultan. Pakeezah stars his wife Meena Kumari, who was a well known and talented actress of her times.

Kamal Amrohi wrote stories for some of the biggest hits of Bollywood which include:
  • Razia Sultan
  • Pakeeza
  • Daera
  • Mahal
  • Shahjehan
  • Bharosa
  • Pukar
Kamal Amrohi is a great name in Indian film industry who has written scripts for several prestigious films of the industry.

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