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Veerana is yet another famous and popular Bollywood horror flick which was a blockbuster movie of the year 1988. Directed by Shyam Ramsay and Tulsi Ramsay, Veerana was a blockbuster movie. The story of Veerana is charming. The producers had inserted all the elements of horror properly in the film.

The story of Veerana was written by J. K. Ahuja. The cast had no big names of Bollywood. The film was a low budget movie. The lead roles in the movie are played by Jasmine, Hemant Birje, Satish Shah, Sahila Chaddha, Gulshan Grover, Rama Vij and Rajesh Vivek.

Jasmine shot to fame overnight after the release of Veerana. The film is known to be a milestone in the history of Bollywood thriller movies. The music of the movie is melodious and frightening. Shyam Ramsay`s screen play was perfect and the audience got to see a good horror movie after a long time.

The story of the movie goes somewhat like this. Thakur captures a witch and hangs her publicly to save the local people from troubles. Her disciples managed to take her corpse to a safe place and built a shrine for her. The high priest who was also a black magic practitioner decides to revive the evil soul of the witch by placing it in the body of Thakur`s daughter.

The way Thakur and his daughter are entrapped by the priest is frightening. The priest gets hold of Thakur`s daughter`s hair and uses it to put the witch`s spirit in her body. When Thakur and his daughter comes to visit their ancestral place, the high priest completes the necessary rituals to fulfill his desire.

The priest comes to Jasmine`s uncles place and claims to save her life in the jungle. Her uncle believes the story and asks the priest to stay on at his place. The little child starts behaving very weirdly from the very first day. She kills her aunt on the first night and makes it look like a suicide.

After this accident, her uncle sends her own daughter to Bombay for studies and the keeps his niece along with him. Time passes away and one day the daughter comes back from Mumbai.

During that time murders started increasing in Thakur`s area and the police were on their toes identifying the criminal. It is actually the witch`s evil spirit which is taking her revenge through Thakur`s daughter.

Ultimately, the viewers are made to know the truth that who the killer is and how she is working toward her revenge.

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