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Fida,Bollywood Thriller Movies,Shahid Kapoor

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 26 Feb, 2011 ENTERTAINMENT  MOVIES  

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"Fida" is short, comprehensive and gripping without losing on business value. The film is full of Anu Malik music, loads of glamour, oodles of oomph and professional production abounding with picturesque locations, yacht ,sports cars and everything that`s needed for a spicy Bollywood flick.

"Fida" had gained immense popularity before its release not because of its glittering star cast. It`s because of Ken Ghosh, the director (who had made his debut in film direction with "Ishq Vishq") the film received a huge response. This time Ghosh was more meticulous about every detail of his film and moved away from the run of the mill good versus evil and conventional storyline.

"Fida" is all about present-day materialism and immorality. All the three main characters are self driven and want to achieve. All of them want the best things in life. The audience is shocked with the ways the three of them tries to reach their goal. They are reduced to nothing but self serving individuals.

Ghosh is an intelligent narrator. His storytelling, though periodically hindered by obvious loopholes, moves gracefully forward. All the major characters plays a menacing and risky game that eventually destroys them. .

The description is piercing, but without any frenzy. The story has no howling sisters, no caring mothers or virtuoso fathers. So a question may arise that from where do these characters arise? The projection of the plot is done in a brilliant way so that the antecedents become oblivious and the main characters become more important.

Critics have said that Kareena plays a designer version of lady Macbeth in Fida. From ingenuous seduction to merciless greed, to remorse and finally compassionless surrender to her baser instincts is what makes her character loveable and loathsome at the same time

Transmitting the obsessed misbehaviors of a distressed lover, Shahid Kapur suddenly reveals depths of sensitivity. The best part of the movie is that both its director and his leading man are found to be coming of age and showcase their talents properly.

The ending does not seem to be well knit with the rest of the story. Kareena is tied to an enormous church bell by the untrustworthy criminal world don Akhilendra Mishra while two of her admirers first time in the movie jointly try to rescue her. The intentions were different and once more reflect their self driven nature.

Fida is one of the best Bollywood Thriller movies which is much acclaimed by viewers across the globe.

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