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Faasle is another gem of a movie by the maestro Yash Chopra. This 1985 film has been a major hit with people admiring the story and an excellent display of acting. The movie has been recognized as a wonderful romantic movie which has been able to describe a romantic story in an interesting manner. Some of the famed stars like Sunil Dutt, Rekha, Farooq Shaikh, Deepti Naval, Raj Kiran, and others played a dominant role in making the film a big success.

Yash Chopra maintained his legacy as he came up with an interesting storyline and tried every new technique to make it a different movie. As Faasle is gifted with an excellent plot, the movie surpassed all other contemporary movies. The movie is mostly shot in a scenic location of India where Vijay (Rohan Kapoor) meets beautiful Chandni (Farha). It did not take much time for them to grow feelings for each other. The story continues as we see some wonderful romantic dialogues when both fall in love with each other.

The movie reaches its height of interest when the plot started to get more intricate. The unpleasant encounter of Vijay with a very wealthy man by the name of Vikram, was the major factor that led to the succeeding turbulences and struggles. Faasle may have the story like many other Bollywood Romantic Movies, but it has a different treatment which is distinct.

This is the debut film of both Rohan Kapoor and Farha, who did quite a good role. Although they were not much skilled, yet, they continued to put their best effort to make their roles more realistic. The movie Faasle has some intense scenes which are perfectly executed. The veteran actors like Sunil Dutt and Rekha also played exclusive roles which made Faasle a complete package of entertainment, romance and suspense.

Although numerous other movies were released in 1985, Faasle was noticed distinctly for its different story and display of quality acting from both the new and experienced actors. One must mention the admirable performances by Sushma Seth and Alok Nath. The reputation which the movie achieved is much due to the flawless direction along with great music direction of Shiv-Hari. He has been able to touch the right chord to create some soulful songs in this movie. If you are really willing to see a quality romantic movie, you can surely count on Faasle. The audience still remembers the scenes from these movies and they are still discussed even now when we talk about Romantic movies.

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