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Omkara is a Bollywood film, which was released in the year 2006. This film is an adaptation of Shakespeare`s Othello and is directed by Vishal Bharadwaj. Omakara starres Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali Khan, and Kareena Kapoor in lead roles. Vivek Oberoi, Naseeruddin Shah and Konkona Sen Sharma play the supporting roles. Bipasha Basu has a special appearance in this film.

Omkara was showcased in the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. Along with that a book on the making of Omkara was also released. The film was also selected to be screened at the Cairo International Film Festival and Pakistan`s Kara Film Festival. This film was a part of a series of film interpretations of literary works by Bharadwaj. He also made Maqbool based on Macbeth and has decided to make Chatri Chor based on Ruskin Bond`s The Blue Umbrella.

Vishal Bharadwaj deals the story of Omakara in a mature way.

Omkara (Ajay) is a leader of a gang and indulges in political crimes. He mainly works for Tiwari (Naseeruddin) and Langda Tyagi(Saif). The movie starts with Omkara kidnapping Dolly (Kareena) who is a daughter of an advocate. She is made to appear in front of her father and say that she loves Omkara and wants to marry him. The story takes a turn when Omkara appoints Kesu as his successor over Langda.

In a fit of anger, Langda decides to take revenge. He decides to disrepute Dolly by spreading the news that she has an illicit relationship with Kesu. On the night of wedding, Omkara kills Dolly and Tyagi almost kills Kesu. During this time, Tyagi`s wife comes into the scene and clears the misunderstanding. Omakara realizes that Langda is the root cause of everything but it is too late.

Each and every character in Omakara has been played by mature actors who have done justice to the roles. An important thing about this movie is that, Vishal has shown Langda as a villain from the first scene. However in Shakespearean plays, Shakespeare never categorizes his characters into heroes, heroines or villains.

The Omkara-Langda relationship is shown in an excellent way in this film. Saif Ali Khan portrays the character of a ruthless scheming Langra in an authentic way and with ease. Ajay Devgan plays a suitably subdued and malleable role. He offsets the evil of Saif with a kind of gullible machismo. He is supple and obstinate during the same time. The self-destructive jealousy has been depicted with maturity by Ajay Devgan.

Vishal Bharadwaj deals with the inter-relations with enormous skill. The characters exist through his or her bonding with their immediate surroundings. Every relationship is full-blooded and passionate as depicted in the film.

Kareena is an epitome of inviolable innocence whereas Konkona`s waif-life exuberance will remind you of an early Jaya Bhaduri. Bipasha Basu`s item numbers were also popular among the masses. In this film life is a mute testimony to death. The director knows Shakespeare and Uttar Pradesh politics well, which he has merged to make this excellent film.

Though Omkara did not receive a good opening in India, it was a grand success abroad. It was in the list of UK`s Top Ten and also got good response in South Africa, Australia and United States.

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