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Dharm is one of the recent movies of Bollywood which received critical approval. This is known to be one of the all time Bollywood critical movies. Dharm was released in 2007 and received an average opening. The film is a kind of serious drama which is accepted by a particular section of viewers. This is one of such Bollywood movies which can be categorized under parallel cinema of Bollywood.

Dharm the Bollywood movie is a kind of serious film which mainly deals with a particular social issue, which is religious conservatism. Hindi film industry is proud to have such a film which seriously deals with the some of the most religious belief of Hindu society. Dharm is one of those thought-provoking films that touch the core of your heart and definitely makes you thinking about the belief. This is one of the outstanding films of the year of 2007 which was critically approved and honored with several awards.

The film is directed by the talented director of Bollywood film industry, Bhavna Talwar.

This is the first movie made by her and proved to be a successful and nice choice for debut. The film revolves around Pandit Ram Narayan Chaturvedi which is played by Pankaj Kapur, one of the most powerful and talented actors of Hindi film industry. In the film he is playing a character of Hindu priest who is very religious and stubborn kin his belief. He is honored and respected by diverse range of people of the society.

The story of the film reflects the communal harmony and mainly deals with religion. Pandit Ram Narayan Chaturvedi is a respected Brahmin priest in Benaras who believes in only one way of leading his life, which is defined by Hindu religion. He lives with his family and one day his daughter brings a child. She wants the child to be brought up by herself since there was no trace of the child`s mother. The priest was moved by the child`s presence and allowed his wife to up bring the child. Slowly the child becomes everyone`s beloved.

The story takes a turn when the mother of the child comes back and wants her child. The priest and his family get a shock when they come to know that the child is a Muslim. Thus the child hurts the root of the priest`s belief. Here lies the real essence of the movie. The entire movie was made and presented in a good manner for which entire credit goes to the team behind the camera. The cinematographer, Nalla Muthu has done a great job by presenting the movie in a perfect and balanced style. A great deal of hard work is involved in making the entire movie.

The movie Dharm stars Pankaj Kapur, Supriya Pathak Kapur, Pankaj Tripathy, Hrishita Bhatt, Krish Parekh, K.K. Raina and Daya Shankar Pandey. The music was directed by Debajyoti Mishra.

Dharm is a must-see for all film lovers.

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