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Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar

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Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar is a romantic comedy film in Hindi released during the year 2001. The film was directed by Priyadarshan. The main characters of the film were played by Sunil Shetty, Mahima Chaudhuri and Paresh Rawal. Sunil Shetty played the role of Daya Shankar and Mahima plays the character of Saraswati.

Plot summary of Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar:
The story of Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar starts off with Daya Shankar. He arrives in Mumbai to sell off his home. The house has been willed to him by his father. He needs to sell the property in order to pay off the debt incurred by his family. To his utter dismay, he finds Saraswati and his family to be living in the house. She bluntly says on his face that she will not vacate the house. Daya Shankar now takes matter to the police station with the help of his friend, Paresh Rawal, who is a cop. Paresh Rawal in turn gets attracted to Mahima.

To drive the family out of the house, Daya Shankar decides to stay in a room of the house. Then follow several encounters when one is trying to take an upper hand on the other person. This created opportunity for ample comedy.

Sunil Shetty was able to give out a fine performance. Mahima also suits the role well as a middle class girl in Mumbai. She is seen in a cotton sari all through the film. Paresh Rawal no doubt impresses the audience with his superb acting and perfect comic timing. The dialogues are extremely funny and the audience can not help but laugh after hearing it. But the ending of the film was forced.

However, Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar fails to please those who expected it to be very entertaining. It falls short of Priyadarshan`s another comedy film, Hera Pheri.

Music of Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar:
The music of the film was composed by Anand Milind. The songs are passable. However, `sarawati yeh tera ghar` is an outstanding song. This number was sung by Sonu Nigam. The other numbers of the film includes Mil Jaye Khazana by Shaan, Kuch Pyar Bhi Kar by Adnan Sami, Hasate Ho Rulate Ho by Abhijeet and Alka Yagnik, Hasta Hua Yeh Pyara by Shri Kumar and Govinda by Alka Yagnik and Babul Supriyo.

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