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Hulchul is a Bollywood film with a huge star cast. This hilarious film was released in the year 2004. The director of Hulchul was Priyadarshan and the film was produced by Ganesh Jain and Ratan Jain as well as Manohar P. Kanungo. The dialogues in the films are written by K. P. Saxena and the story is by Siddique. The screenplay of this film is by Neeraj Vora. The huge star cast has not affected the performances of the actors in the film. The music in the film is by Vidyasagar. The plot of Hulchul revolved around two rival families. There are serious issues among them but the way in which each of the problems are dealt gives rise to humorous situations in the film.

The star cast of Hulchul comprises of Akhaye Khanna as Jai, Suniel Shetty as Veer, Jackie Shroff as Balram, Paresh Rawal as Kishen, Amrish Puri as Angar Chand, Arbaaz Khan as Shakti, Arshad Warsi as Lucky, Kareena Kapoor as Anjali, Laxmi as Laxmi Devi, Shakti Kapoor as Kashinath, Manoj Joshi as Vakil, Farha Naaz as Gopi and many more. All these characters have well defined roles played with aplomb.

The film is a remake of a Malayalam film, Godfather. The family feud between the two families of Angar Chand and Laxmi Devi creates havoc and enmity among the family for ages.

In Hulchul, we see that Angar Chand has broken the marriage of Anjali who is the granddaughter of Laxmi Devi. This adds up to the anger of Laxmi Devi and she plans to take revenge on the family. Angar Chand has four sons all of whom are unmarried as in the house of Angar Chand, there are no place for women. They all prefer to remain bachelors and trouble starts as soon as Jai who is the youngest played by Akshaye Khanna wants to get married to Anjali who is the granddaughter of Laxmi Devi. Initially Jai and Anjali hate each other and in order to take revenge, act as if they are in love with one another.

In Hulchul, the more Jai and Anjali stay with one another, they fall in love with one another. However the main hurdle lies in convincing their families about the match as both are against one another. Hell breaks loose as soon as it is discovered that Pareh Rawal another son of Angar Chand is married on sly and has two children. Taking this as cue, Akshaye sees that his line is clear, little does he realize that there is trouble brewing.

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