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Bollywood movies have always enthralled the audience with their catchy plot, enchanting music and brilliant acting performances. Dil is one of the popular Bollywood comedy movies that was a huge hit at the box office. Released in the year 1990, Dil had drawn a large number of audience to the theater halls. Dil still happens to be one of the best musical movies that has been made till date.

Cast of Dil

Amir Khan was casted as Raj. He is one of the three Khans who are ruling the Bollywood film industry for years. One of the all time great female actors Madhuri Dixit was casted as Madhu Mehra. In the film Saeed Jaffrey played the role of Mr. Mehra, who was the father of Madhu. Veteran actor Anupam Kher portrayed the role of Hazari Prasad, father of Raja. Deven Verma was casted as police inspector Ghalib. Satyendra Kapoor played the role of Girdharilal. Ajitesh was casted as Shakti.

Production of Dil

Dil went on to become a super hit film during 1990. Screenplay and story of the film was written by Rajeev Kaul. The film was directed by Indra Kumar. The music of the movie was quite successful in captivating the audience. Music of Dil was composed by Anand-Milind.

About Dil

This story revolves around the love story of Raj and Madhu. Both of them are in the same college. Although their interaction starts in much of competion and hatred but certain events lead them to become lovers of each other. Raj is the son of Hazari Prasad, a miser. Hazari Prasad comes to know about the affair of Raj and Madhu. Madhu is the daughter of Mr. Mehra, who is a millionaire. Hazari Prasad tries to fool Mr. Mehra in the disguise of a rich man but eventually gets caught. Mr. Mehra insults him publicly and this leads to the breaking of Raj and Madhu`s engagement. By that time Raj and Madhu are deeply in love with each other and decides to face the tough situation.

Although the film had a a touch of romance but the comedy scenes of it are still remembered. The performance of Amir Khan in this film had received tremendous amount of acclamation. Even Madhuri Dixit got huge appreciation from the viewers. Several film magazines have rated this movie as one of the best musical hits ever made in Bollywood.

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