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Uttara Cinema, Kolkata,Uttara Cinema,Kolkata

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Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal in India is noted for its wide cultural activities. It is known for its popular theaters, films and notable film directors and actors. Kolkata is the hub of Bengali movies where several popular films were made. Among the various theater and movie halls, Uttara Cinema, Kolkata is one of the oldest and popularly known.

The name `Uttara` itself suggests the location of the cinema hall. In Bengali the meaning of `Uttar` is north, which clearly shows that this theater hall is located to the north of Kolkata. Ideally located in Bidhan Sarani, Sovabazar in Kolkata, Uttara Cinema is a great place to enjoy your favorite movies. Uttara Cinema in Kolkata screens a good collection of Bengali movies and sometimes few good Bollywood films too.

The area where Uttara Cinema is situated is the most crowded areas in North Kolkata. There is large number of branded shops, small shops, eatery houses and few more theater halls that allure good number of people from various parts of Kolkata.

Bidhan Sarani is popularly known as the oldest locations in north Kolkata which was considered as the hub for the Bengali `addas`. If you are interested in shopping you can check out the shops like City Mart, Ajanta footwear, Modern, the pedestal shops and others. When you go to watch a movie in this theater you can head for some refreshments in its cafeteria with your family and friends.

Therefore you will definitely have a gala time when you visit the Uttara Cinema, Kolkata.

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