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Globe Cinema, Kolkata,Globe Cinema in Kolkata,Globe Cinema

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Globe Cinema, Kolkata is one of the most acclaimed movie theaters in Kolkata. It is located on Lindsay Street in Kolkata. The prime position of the Globe Cinema, Kolkata in the central part of the city is also responsible for its popularity.

You can easily take a cab to reach Globe Cinema in Kolkata. If you avail of a bus, you have to get down on the main road from where you need to walk for few minutes to arrive at this cinema theater. The Esplanade metro station is also situated near this movie theater.

The vibrant area of the Globe Cinema, Kolkata features the Hogg Market or the famous New Market in Kolkata. You can catch up a movie while you are on shopping in this region. The Treasure Island is another shopping complex located close to the Globe Cinema.

Cinema has always influenced Kolkata in various ways. The city possesses a rich culture and interests in fine arts.

This led to the rise of various movie theaters and multiplexes in Kolkata. The Globe Cinema is evident of this fact.

The Globe Cinema, Kolkata features a multiplex including four screens. The sound system is pretty clear, loud and powerful. It creates a good impact on the movies and makes them worth watching more than once. The theater is air-conditioned. Such qualities and distinct features of this movie theater draw a considerable amount of viewers.

Globe Cinema, Kolkata mostly screens major recent movies from Hollywood. Several popular Bollywood blockbusters are also released here. The show times at Globe Cinema in Kolkata are 12:30 pm, 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm.

The Globe Cinema houses a restaurant and a bar too where you can drop in during intervals to relish some refreshments and drinks. There are various small restaurants and roadside fast food outlets in the locality of Globe Cinema, Kolkata. You can easily grab a bite of your favorite dish or snack items during interval.

The Lytton Hotel is one of the accommodation options in the locality of the Globe Cinema, Kolkata. It is located behind this movie theater.

Globe Cinema, Kolkata is one of the most well-maintained and esteemed movie theaters in Kolkata. Even today it retains its old charm and glory.

Online information on Globe Cinema, Kolkata is provided by sitagita.com.

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