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Chaya Cinema, Kolkata,Multiplexes and Movie Theaters,Chaya Cinema in Kolkata

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Chaya Cinema, Kolkata is a well known name amongst the Bengalis in Kolkata. The hall is the witness to many Golden and Silver Jubilee nights of many mega hit Bengali movies. Kolkata, the former capital of the British Raj, is the city of art and culture. The citizens of Kolkata are connoisseurs of fine art and culture. Innumerable art galleries, theaters and cinema halls are the proof of the fact. Ranging from modern and elite multiplexes and movie theaters to small cinema halls, the city has a diverse choice to select from.

Chaya Cinema, Kolkata is located in Sovabazar area, one of the oldest areas in the city. The location of the hall is easily accessible from rest of the city. The hall lies on the A P C Road which connects various corners of the city. The busy Manicktala bazaar, which has been the central point for business transaction in north Kolkata, is nearby the hall. Chaya Cinema is located in the heart of the city. Innumerable shops, restaurants, cafes dot the surrounding area. Bus, tram, cabs and auto services are available by means of which you can reach this place from any part of the city. Sovabazar metro station is pretty close to this hall.

With the introduction of multiplexes in Kolkata, the old cinema halls are facing great challenges. Once upon a time, when the Bengali film industry was on a boom, these halls were the major centers of entertainments. Recently, the film industry is enjoying significant growth. With the development of this industry, we expect the restoration of the old cinema halls in Kolkata.

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