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Satyam Cinema Hall, Chennai,Sathyam Theater Complex,Satyam Cinema Hall in Chennai

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Satyam Cinema Hall, Chennai is located on the Thiru-Vi-Ka Road, Royapettah in Chennai. When you plan to watch a movie in any of the comfortable theaters in Chennai, then stop thinking twice and visit Satyam Cinema Hall, Chennai. It is located within the Sathyam Theater Complex. Talking about the movie theaters in Chennai, Satyam Cinema Hall, deserves a mention.

Sathyam Theater Complex comprises few theaters namely Satyam Cinema Hall, Santham, Subham and in recent times Sree and 5 Studio theaters are added.

The Satyam Cinema screens the best films in Tamil, English, Telegu and Hindi and also does screening of the regional cinemas. This cinema theater screens the latest blockbusters. Sathyam is supposedly the largest and spacious hall with the seating capacity of one thousand two fifty heads. Tickets sold in Satyam Cinema hall in Chennai are pretty higher as compared to the other movie theaters in Chennai. You can avail of either balcony or box tickets according to your preference.

Satyam Cinema Hall, Chennai is a DTS and Dolby Digital Theater where the sound equipments are excellent.

The quality of the sound equipments is simply praiseworthy. It is an air-conditioning theater hall which screens films of all languages. The record says that movies of the famous Indian actor Kamal Hassan were successful enough in this theater hall. Several Bollywood blockbusters too release here. Satyam Cinema is also famous for showcasing English films.

Talking about the refreshment, there are huge areas that offer variety of food stalls and coffee bars in the campus. You need not worry about the parking facility, as Satyam arranges for a spacious parking area. Kiran Reddy, the managing director of Sathyam Cinemas are looking forward for various plans like opening of a restaurant and a bowling alley in the premises for the amusement of the people. You can make prior booking for your benefit over the telephone.

Thus catching up a movie at Satyam Cinema Hall, Chennai is a suitable option for entertainment.

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