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Sangam Cinema, Amritsar,Sangam Cinema in Amritsar,Amritsar in India

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 10 Feb, 2011 ENTERTAINMENT  MOVIES  

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Amongst the finest multiplexes and movie theaters in Amritsar, Sangam Cinema, Amritsar has added a new complexion to the entertainment scenario. With the recent surge of modern multiplexes, the older cinemas are in jeopardy. Extensive renovation projects are sought to give the older cinemas a new look. Sangam Cinema, Amritsar is the best place of entertainment for the movie-goers.

The cinema owners are opting for every possible means to face the challenging situation thrown up by the growing multiplexes and movie theaters. They are going out of their way to undertake extensive refurbishment projects and begin negotiations with financers to construct multiplexes as a part of joint ventures.

Pramod Mehra, the manager of Sangam Cinema in Amritsar exclaimed that talks are going on with several companies and a massive mall which would include multiplexes, and this would soon take the place of the cinema hall.

Sangam Cinema, Amritsar is ideally located in the metropolitan center of the city. You can notice a few banks and a bus stand nearby. Visitors frequent the Amritsar Sangam Cinema and other movie theaters in the city especially on weekends. Weekends comprise watching your favorite movie at the Sangam Cinema or indulging in an unforgettable shopping experience or dining out with friends and families at the entertainment centers near the cinema.

Visit the Sangam Cinema, Amritsar and enjoy an absolute entertaining experience. A number of coffee shops are located close to the Sangam Cinema. You can spend some memorable moments with your friends and families over fresh brews at the coffee shops.

With the recent renovation of the Sangam Cinema, and its conversion into a multiplex, which also include the hall is believed to bring more and more blockbusters for the cinema lovers. Major Bollywood hits including Namaste London have been screened at the Sangam Cinema, Amritsar.

While Sangam Cinema is slated to become a multiplex to draw in a substantial amount of revenue, some of the other cinema halls are being renovated to give them a new look, equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

Authentic information on Sangam Cinema, Amritsar is offered by sitagita.com.

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