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Cine Payal Theater, Jalandhar,Cine Payal Theater in Jalandhar,Cine Payal Theater

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The Cine Payal Theater, Jalandhar is one of the most significant multiplexes in Jalandhar. The city of Jalandhar in Punjab is famous for its number of movie theaters as well as multiplexes. If you are here in Jalandhar for spending vacation then you can enjoy an entertaining evening at the Cine Payal Theater, Jalandhar.

The Cine Payal Theater, Jalandhar is advantageously located on Cool Road in Mota Singh Nagar. It is very easy to access this cinema hall by car or local bus from any major points of the city. Different modes of transportations are also available from the Cine Payal Theater. A number of hit Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies have already been shown in this popular cinema hall.

Pay a visit to the Cine Payal Theater, Jalandhar and enjoy any blockbuster movie.

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