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The city of Amritsar is ideally located in the northern region of Punjab which is a state in the northwestern part of India. This city of Punjab is popularly known as the best cultural, commercial and transportation center. There are large number of things to check out in Amritsar like the Golden Temple, lakes, gardens, shopping malls, and last but not the least multiplexes and movie theaters. Among various theaters and multiplexes in Amritsar, the Adarsh Cinema, Amritsar is one of the popular cinema theaters in the city.

This movie theater in Amritsar is a huge crowd puller from all parts of the city. Adarsh Cinema in Amritsar features all sorts of comfortable facilities and convenient arrangements that are sure to impress the viewers. It is a budget movie hall and is preferable for people of all generation who can come here to watch movies with their family and friends. Located ideally in the centralized position of the city of Amritsar, the Adarsh Cinema, Amritsar is easily accessible from various parts of the city.

There are arrangements for snacks stall in this hall`s campus. All these snacks stalls sell variety of food items and beverages.

You can either buy it before you get inside the movie hall or can come out in the intermission and get something for yourself and your friends.

Online information on Adarsh Cinema, Amritsar is offered by sitagita.com.

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