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Brindaban Cinema Hall, Cuttack,Brindaban Cinema Hall in Cuttack,Multiplexes and Movie Theatres

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One of the top-class movie theatres in Orissa is Brindaban Cinema Hall, Cuttack. The movie hall is positioned on the B K Road in Cuttack. Brindaban Cinema Hall in Cuttack offers you one of the most enjoyable experiences of watching a movie of your choice.

The Brindaban Cinema Hall, Cuttack runs 4 shows daily. The show timings are as follows: 12.00 noon, 3.00 pm, 6.00 pm, and 9.00 pm. You can watch the box office hit movies of Bollywood at Brindaban Cinema Hall in the charming city of Cuttack.

Brindaban Cinema Hall has cozy seats and a good sound system for you to enjoy a film of your liking.

Thus, Brindaban Cinema Hall, Cuttack is one of the top rated movies halls in Cuttack city.

Detailed online information on Brindaban Cinema Hall, Cuttack can be obtained on sitagita.com

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