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Cinema Halls in Orissa,Movie Halls in Orissa,Movie Theaters in Orissa

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There are numerous cinema halls in Orissa. These halls are the favorite entertainment veues for the people of the state. Most of these movie halls are situated on the prime locations of the cities and towns across the state. The cinema halls in Orissa are well preserved and spacious. In the movie halls the audience can watch wide selection of popular Hindi, English and regional films. The capital city of Bhubaneswar specifically deserves mention for offering some of the best movie theaters in the state.

Some of the important cinema halls which you can find in Bhubaneswar include:
  • Keshari Cinema Hall
  • Stutee Cinema Hall
  • Maharaja Talkies
  • Pagla Dashu Cinema Hall
  • Shriya Cinema Hall
  • Ekamra Talkies
  • Kalpana Talkies
  • Ravi Cinema Hall
  • Keshari Cinema Hall

Keshari Cinema Hall is one of the most popular cinema halls of Bhubaneswar. Keshari Cinema Hall is located in Unit-3, Sahid Nagar. The movie hall is very spacious. The wide screen of the hall ensures the viewers with maximum pleasure.

The seating arrangement of the hall is excellent. The seats are very comfortable. The hall features modern sound system. Keshari Cinema Hall is particularly noted for its best selection of films. You can also view new releases in the hall. The show timings of Keshari Cinema Hall are 11. 45 am, 2. 45 pm, 5.45 pm and 8. 45 pm.

Stutee Cinema Hall

Stutee Cinema Hall is one of the first rated movie halls which the city of Bhubaneswar has on offer for the movie goers. The popular movie theater of the city is located at Unit-3, Kharvela Nagar. The wide screen of the hall doubles the joy of film watching. The hall generally screens new released Bollywood movies. The show times of Stutee Cinema Hall are 12.15 am, 3.15 pm, 6.15 pm and 9.15 pm. The comfortable seating arrangement and the sound system of the hall are also excellent.

Apart from Bhubaneswar, other cities and towns of Orissa also offer a good number of cinema halls. In this regard, special mention may be made of Cuttack.

One of the popular cinema halls of Cuttack is Brindaban Cinema Hall. It is placed at B K Road. The hall is considered as major entertainment hub of Cuttack. Lovely interiors and delightful ambiance of the hall make it the favorite place for the movie goers.

Some of the other popular cinema halls in Cuttack include:
  • Durga & Devi Cinema Hall
  • Grand Cinema Hall
  • Jayshree Cinema Hall
  • Nishamani Cinema Hall
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