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Apsara Cinema Bhopal,Apsara Cinema in Bhopal,Apsara Cinema

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The Apsara Cinema Bhopal is one of the most well-known movie theaters in the city of Bhopal. This cinema hall has featured a number of blockbuster movies. Apsara Cinema is frequented by a huge number of visitors including students, college goers, and families.

Apsara Cinema Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh is conveniently located and well-connected with any major parts of the city. If you are looking for this cinema hall you need to stop over the Raisen Road. If you are here to enjoy night show then do not worry as proper transportations are available at any time nearby this cinema hall.

To attract a huge number of young fellows, Apsara Cinema Bhopal has shown major hit Bollywood movies. Apart from these, a number of Hollywood movies have also been screened here.

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