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Shantala, Mysore,Shantala Theater in Mysore,Multiplexes and Movie Theaters

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Shantala, Mysore is situated on Narayan Shastry Road. This place is easily accessible from any parts of the city. The road is covered with willow trees throughout. Even in the scorching sunny day, the road is shady and comfortable to walk along. The Shantala, Mysore is situated on this road and is one of the most preferred choices for Kannada movie goers.

Shantala Theater is a very well maintained and well looked after theater. The theater has seating arrangement for around 861 guests. The theater screens Kannada movies exclusively. The audio system of Shantala Theater is technically very sound. There is a DTS surround sound system in this theater.

The Shantala Theater in Mysore is often visited by a lot of cine goers. The location is very favorable. The Shantala Theater has a huge parking space of its own. The cinema is located just opposite to the Fab City in Mysore. The Fab City is a reputed super retail market. There are shops featuring goods of both local and international brands. There are availability of footwear, homeware, accessories, household appliances and apparels. The location of Shantala, Mysore near this retail market draws a good number of viewers.

People who are interested in Kannada movies often visit the Shantala, Mysore for its high end sound system and convenient location.

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