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INOX, Bangalore,Theatres and Multiplexes in Bangalore,Multiplexes in Bangalore

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Like all other lavish multiplexes INOX, Bangalore also provides you with a chance to live the movie. It is located in the fourth floor of the wonderful Garuda Mall in Magrath Road. Come with your friends and family and enjoy watching movie here.

Bangalore INOX is situated in the heart of the city and so you will have no problem in locating the multiplex. This particular INOX occupies 35,000 square feet and exudes trendy but elegant look. It has five spacious auditoriums with a seating capacity of 1103. This particular INOX has been designed by New Zealand based walker Architects.

Bangalore INOX offers you with all comforts. The halls are air-conditioned with comfortable seats. The seats can be reclined to your choice and has cup-holder armrests for perfect relaxation. It also features wall-to-wall stadium style seating to provide correct viewing angles.

Buy your favorite potato chips and cold drinks from the multiplex itself to enjoy the movie most. There is also a spacious parking space.

You can come to INOX to catch the recent Hindi, English and Kannada movies. Though the tickets are little expensive yet it is value for money. Tickets are easily available and you can also book the tickets online.

After watching a movie visit the different shops in Garuda Mall and enjoy shopping. You can also drop in at the food court in the multiplex. Here you are served with snacks as well as main courses. Thus INOX, Bangalore is a perfect entertainment zone.

For all relevant information on INOX, Bangalore log on to sitagita.

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