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Cinema Halls in Karnataka,Karnataka Cinema Halls,Multiplexes in Karnataka

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 04 Feb, 2011 ENTERTAINMENT  MOVIES  

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If you are a movie enthusiast then you must visit the different cinema halls in Karnataka. All the cinema halls in Karnataka have become some of the most popular places of entertainment. Whether you are in your 50s or a teen, watching a movie in the cinema halls is a memorable experience for all.

Most of the Karnataka cinema halls are favorably located. Almost all the multiplexes and the cinema halls are located in the heart of the city of the cities and the towns. Movie enthusiasts can watch films in different languages. While you can see all the Bollywood latest releases, there are many multiplexes and movie theaters in Karnataka that run Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films. Apart from these regional films movie buffs can watch many films in English.

The prices of the tickets vary from one hall to other. People who love watching movies in comfort and luxury can purchase a ticket in the multiplexes. There are also many halls that cater to the budget of people with low estimate. Most of the cinema halls in Karnataka are air- conditioned.

Besides, the cozy seats and the audio- visual system are also impressive.

There are many multiplexes spread all across Karnataka. You can locate a good number of them in Bangalore itself. There are as many as 5 multiplexes in the city. Inox, located in Garuda Mall at Magarath road has a capacity to accommodate a total of 1103 viewers. Watching movie in PVR Cinemas which is the largest cinema of the city is great fun.

Innovative Multiplex which is the first multiplex in Bangalore is also good. Fame Lido which replaced the old Lido Theatre is a 4-screen multiplex. The Fun Cinema run by the Zee group is another remarkable hall in the city. It is in the Sigma Mall and is one of the most frequented places of the Cunningham road.

Apart from these there are many other cinema halls where you can watch a movie with your friends. All the Cinema Halls in Karnataka would match the taste of every discerning viewer.

For more information on Cinema Halls in Karnataka log on to sitagita.

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