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Multiplexes and Movietheaters in Delhi,Multiplexes and Movietheaters,Delhi Multiplexes and Movietheaters

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 03 Feb, 2011 ENTERTAINMENT  MOVIES  

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The multiplexes and movie theaters in Delhi are the most popular entertainment centers of the city. Delhi being the capital city of India has a cosmopolitan culture. A variety of films in different languages are screened at the several movie theaters of the city. From upscale multiplexes to single screen theaters, Delhi has everything. Cinema being a major source of entertainment in the capital, the number of cinema halls and theaters are increasing everyday.

The multiplexes belonging to the PVR group are very renowned. The Satyam complex and the Wave Cinemas at Raja Garden are a pleasure to be at. Some of the best single screened theaters of Delhi are regal, Delite, Sheila, Vishal and the PVR cinema halls. Enjoy being at any of these movie theaters to watch the movie of your choice. The show timing varies from hall to hall. Movies in Hindi and English are generally screened at these theaters. Ticket prices differ according to a movie. Some of the smaller theaters also show films on other languages.

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