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Dharmendra, Popular Male Actors in Bollywood, Bollywood, Film industry, Indian cinema

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Dharmendra is among the popular male actors in Bollywood who has appeared in over 200 Hindi films since the early 1960s. He was first noticed in a Filmfare spot-the-talent contest and later came to Mumbai to start his career as an actor. Dharmendra was considered a matinee idol during the time when his career was at its peak. In the 1960s, he was also voted "one of the five most good-looking men in the world". He is a versatile actor who performed in films of many genres ranging from romance to comedy and action. The first successful romantic film of Dharmendra was Phool or Paththar where he was the leading hero.

Dharmendra started his career with romantic films and later went on to do comedy films like Chupke Chupke which was a huge hit. Among the most memorable roles of Dharmendra was the one he played in the 1975 blockbuster film Sholay.

This was a multi-starrer film which is one of the biggest films Bollywood has ever produced. The other films by this great actor include Andha Kanoon, Rajput, The Burning Train, Ram Balram, Dream Girl, Swami, Jugnu, Yaadon Ki Baraat, and many others. Recently Dharmendra was honored with the Lifetime achievement award for his great contribution to Hindi cinema.

Dharmendra has also tried his hand at film production and has launched both of his sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol in films. He is also involved with the Indian politics and is currently a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India. After a break a several years Dharmendra is back to doing films and has starred in the latest hits like Metro and Apne. Recipient of several awards and this actor of the yesteryears continue to entertain his fans. There are many magazines about Bollywood that have written varied stories on the life of Dharmendra.

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