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Chetan Anand,Film Makers of Bollywood,Rajkumar

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Chetan Anand was one of the most popular Bollywood Personalities who is globally acclaimed for his unmatched film making skills. Chetan Anand was well known in the Indian film industry for his multifarious talents. Chetan was introduced to the film world from a very early age. The celebrity film maker was born in Gurdaspur village of Punjab and is all the more famous for his two renowned brothers Dev Anand and Vijay Anand.

Before stepping into Bollywood , Chetan was into active politics. After completing his graduation from the Government College of Lahore, he was a follower of Indian National Congress in the 1930s. His film career began as a hero in Phani Majumdar`s Rajkumar. But the young men was not happy being a hero. Very soon he tried his hands at the technicalities of film making.

After Rajkumar in 1944, Chetan shot into limelight in 1946 with the direction of the well known film called Neecha Nagar. That year the film won an award at the Cannes Film Festival . Chetan gifted the Hindi Film industry with a talented heroine called Kamini Kaushal through his directorial debut.

With so much awards and critical acclamations flowing in , Chetan decided to set up a production company jointly with his younger brother Dev Anand in the early 50`s. Thus the Navketan Productions came into being. Classics like Taxi Driver, Aandhiyan and Afsar are made under this banner.

Soon after Chetan Anand started his own production company. Chetan himse;lf was an adept scriptwriter, director and producer. He had full confidence in his talents and started his own production banner called the Himalaya Films.

Chetan and Anand and a few more celebrities of Bollywood who were experts in their respective fields of film making teamed up and gave the audiences some of the best Hindi Feature films of the era.

Chetan`s association with actress Priya Rajvansh, photographer Jal Mistry, lyricist Kaifi Azmi and music director Madan Mohan proved successful in all his ventures. Together they were responsible for the creation some of the best Hindi feature films like Kudrat, Hindustan ki Kasam, Hanste Zakhm, Heer Ranjha and Haqeeqat.

Chetan Anand`s personal life was very simple. After his separation with his first wife, he had a long relationship with actress Priya Rajvansh till death. Priya was his heroine in Haqeeqat after which she became his real life partner forever.

His illustrious career came to a halt with his demise on July 10, 1997 at the age of 82. To pay homage to his great contribution to the Indian Film industry retrospective if his films were hold at various international film festivals. The 2007 International Film festival in New Delhi and the Struttguard Film Festival had showcased the films of this genius. If you want to know more about the life and works of Chetan Anand , a book called The Poetics of Film must be read. The book is written by his wife and son Uma and Ketan Anand and released in the year 2006.

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