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Bimal Roy

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 30 Jan, 2011 ENTERTAINMENT  CELEBRITIES  

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One of the greatest film directors of all times, Bimal Roy- the filmmaker is now a legendary figure in Bollywood. Coming from a typical Bengali family he migrated to Bombay after working as a cameraman, an editor and also as a director in New Theaters in Calcutta. Bimal Roy first became famous as a cameraman, photographing for the films Devdas (1935) and Mukti (1937). His first directorial debut was in the film Udayer Pathay (1944) released under the banner of New Theaters. Udayer Pathay earned nationwide fame and was an instant success. Soon it was remade in Hindi and was released as Hum Rahi in the year 1945.

Both Udayer Pathay and Hum Rahi were films that upheld the subtle romance in the apparent social picture of the contemporary times. This unique mood that was reflected in all his films soon made him popular as one of the eminent directors in Indian cinema. After the closure of New Theaters, Bimal Roy moved to Bombay were his first directorial debut in Maa (1952) under Bombay Talkies was recognized as one of the best works in the present standards.
Maa was a family movie with melodrama and rich emotional tone that conformed to the colors of common Indian values. The film was no doubt a big success and triggered his next spectacular work in Parineeta released in the year 1953. After the success of Parineeta there came the great turning point in the life of Bimal Roy, after which he never had to look back.

Getting wide nationwide applause in Parineeta, Bimal Roy started working for his next film, Do Bigha Zameen, under his own productions. Do Bigha Zameen was such a superb success with the matured acting of Balraj Sahni that the movie brought, both the director and the actor, unexpected fame overnight. Do Bigha Zameen was the first film in those times that upheld the pain of a common villager in India who had to suffer in the hands of the moneylender and ultimately had to do away with his land that was his life. The direction, cinematography, screenplay and storyline were all simply great and enough for the movie to earn recognition in International standards.

Filmmaker Bimal Roy always chose his story from the classic novels by eminent Bengali authors who are well known for their humanist views all over the world. After the success of Parineeta, Bimal Roy adopted another of Saratchandra Chattopadhay`s famous novels, Srikanta, for producing the movie version of the excerpt about Biraj Bahu that surpassed many contemporary productions in quality, depiction and artistry. Aftre a series of continuous successes in almost all his directions, Bimal Roy turned out to be one of the greatest filmmakers in Bollywood.

For more information on Bimal Roy and related issues on the life and work of this great personality in Indian cinema please stay with us at Film Makers in Bollywood in sitagita.com.  

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