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Aparna Sen

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Aparna Sen is widely famous as a popular Bengali actress but from the last couple of years, she has been continuing her profession as a film director. As a female Bengali actor, Aparna Sen achieved fame as well as praise for her strong screen presence. As a director, she is very spontaneous and portray things very confidently. From her first film, Aparna Sen marked positive signs for her future film making career. In the year 1981, she made her first film as a director. The film was 36 Chowringhee Lane and it was considered as a critically applauded movie. This movie was the beginning of the successful career of Aparna Sen as a director.

Born on 25th October in 1945, Aparna Sen was the only child of a Bengali Brahmo family from East Bengal. She was the daughter of the veteran film critic and film-maker Chidananda Dasgupta. Her mother was Supriya Dasgupta who was the cousin of famous Bengali poet, Jibanananda Das. In her childhood, she took active part in her school which was Modern High School for Girls in Kolkata. Most of the time of her childhood, she stayed in Hazaribagh and in Kolkata.

At her age of 16, Aparna Sen acted in Teen Kanya which was directed by Satyajit Ray. It was the first break for Aparna Sen in the film industry. During this film, she was studying in Presidency College in Kolkata. After her marriage she become the mother of two daughters who were Kamalini and Konkona. Her daughter Konkona SenSharma is a famous female actor and she also acted in some of her mother`s films.

As a director, Aparna Sen made some notable films like Paroma in 1984, Sati in 1989, Yugant in 1995, Paromitar Ek Din in 2000, Mr. And Mrs. Iyer in 2002, 15, Park Avenue in 2005. Her forthcoming film is The Japanese Wife which will be released in 2008. Though she haven`t made so many films, but these films are really wonderful and projected in a different perspective. In most of her film, you can see the present feminine condition in India as these will mae you think for a while.

Some other achievements of Aparna Sen include her association with the fortnightly magazine Sananda as an editor. It is basically a women`s magazine publishes by the Ananda Bazar Patrika. Moreover, in the year 1986, she was bestowed the Padma Shri award by the then-President of India.

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