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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 30 Jan, 2011 ENTERTAINMENT  CELEBRITIES  

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As Bollywood has witnessed various glamour queens in its gradual development, they were blessed to have Rekha as the member of their film industry. This Eternal Diva of the Bollywood film industry has been the epitome of Indian beauty. Apart from her superb acting skills, Rekha was renowned for her beauty, and dancing skills. Born on October 10, 1954, she is certainly one of the most versatile actresses of Hindi cinema. BhanuRekha Ganesan, later shortened to Rekha, was born in Chennai and started her acting career at an early age. During that time when there many popular female actors in Bollywood were ruling supreme, she made a distinct mark.

Rekha`s debut as a child actor in the Telugu film Rangula Ratnam (1966) did not bring much fame. Rekha made her debut as heroine in the successful Kannada film Goadalli CID 999 in 1969. Since her first Hindi film Sawan Bhadon (1970) she slowly ascended the ladder of success. This wonderful and glamorous actor was equally brilliant in portraying different roles. Whether it is a school-girl (Khubsoorat) or a simple housewife, a fighter or even the classical courtesan in Umrao Jaan she is just perfect. Her career consists of near about 180 films which make the Indians boast about Bollywood.

Rekha was among the rare actress which India was blessed with who took part in both Indian mainstream cinema and parallel cinema. She is presently after having various unsuccessful relationships with Bollywood stars including Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Mehra, etc. some of the valuable films like, Kahani Kismat Ki, Raampur Ka Lakshman, Pran Jaaye Par Vachan Na Jaaye, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Do Anjaane, Ghar, Silsila, etc helped her a lot in achieving fame. Apart from all the admirations which Rekha had received, she has been honored with various prestigious awards like, National Film Award for Best Actress in Umrao Jaan, Forever Diva Award and Living Legend in the world of entertainment by FICCI. Rekha presently does selected movies and lives along with her secretary Farzana in Mumbai.

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