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Sunsilk as one of the largest global hair care brands has been endorsed by great icons of the likes of Madonna and Marilyn Monroe. In recent times, Sunsilk has been endorsed by none other than former Miss India World and Miss World 2000, Priyanka Chopra. She has been one of the leading actresses in Bollywood film industry and is named as the brand ambassador in Sunsilk`s new campaign, `Life Can`t Wait`.

Sunsilk is one of the biggest shampoo brands in India. Sunsilk shampoo was launched in 1964. Priyanka Chopra joins an elite club of people being its brand ambassador. Among other endorsements by Bollywood stars, the value of Sunsilk campaign cannot be underestimated. She has indeed moved many barriers to come to this elite company of individuals which inspire thousands of women all over the world.

On this issue, N Rajaram, the Category head of Haircare, Hindustan Unilever Ltd feels that Priyanka Chopra is the ideal choice for the Sunsilk team who wanted to add an Indian name to enhance their global standing.

This was because she had the adequate glamour and professionalism needed for this campaign. He has also said that Priyanka Chopra`s ability to choose her ideal hair care brand carefully has also been an advantage in her choice. The defining idea of the "life can`t wait" is to choose and pursue your dreams at the earliest opportunity and this achieves special significance for all the girls who wants the requisite chance for making it big in the world of glamour.

Citing a global survey which was conducted in Brazil, USA, Thailand, Russia, India and Mexico by Sunsilk, Priyanka Chopra says that every woman wants to pursue her dreams and share her memorable moments with the world. Adding to charisma and glamour, the pop icon Madonna says that Priyanka also stands for freedom of expression and doing what she believes in.

As for the Latino dancer Shakira, she feels that Priyanka Chopra is perfect for the life can`t wait campaign, since she herself symbolizes the living embodiment of the belief that opportunities must be seized at the right moment. On the other side, Priyanka Chopra says about Marilyn Monroe, the legendary icon who endorsed Sunsilk that she had an elusive charm and enigmatic aura that is the ultimate dream of a Sunsilk woman. Priyanka Chopra` statement hat she wants to rule the world as does every other Sunsilk woman echo the principal chords of this campaign.

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