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Cinthol Soap

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 16 Jan, 2011 ENTERTAINMENT  CELEBRITIES  

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If you check out the field of Indian beauty products then you will explore a number of brands including Cinthol Soap, most popular Beauty Soap in India. The noteworthy thing is that Cinthol is the brand of Godrej Products Limited or GCPL. Over the time, this brand has introduced wide range of talc, soaps as well as deo sprays products.

According to the Executive Director and Presidential Marketing of Godrej Industries, Mr. Tanya Dubash, Cinthol is aspiring towards a new zone without any stoppage. Now a days, the market of this particular brand reigns over the mind of Indian beauties. Two earlier products of Cinthol Soap comprises of Cinthol fresh soap as well as Cinthol regular soap. All these products are available in market in trendy new packages.

Recently, this brand is going to launch Cinthol Deo Soap, keeping in mind basic problem of body odor. This brand has always been concentrated on the primary needs of customers.

These types of soaps have brought into market only to solve this common issue with a long lasting deo formula. The TCC ingredient in this soap removes bacteria, causing body odor.

Cinthol Brand is `always ready with its innovating products which are going to appeal varied sections of the consumer base. The Cinthol Soaps are available in market quite at reasonable price rates. Apart from these, customers are also offered special packages such as Buy three Get one Free. The tagline of the Cinthol Brand feature 24-Hour Confidence and in a way this ensures customers to lead Don`t Stop Life.

To project this motto strongly the Cinthol Brand has chosen Hrithik Roshan as its brand ambassador. This famous actor is considered as a person who has this zeal to be never stopped until he achieves self created benchmark. After huge success of Jodha Akbar, he again came back under the spotlight. With its wide-ranging endorsement cycle, the reputed actor also has been selected as ambassador of recently launched new soaps, talc as well as deodorant.

The Executive Director announced name of the new ambassador at a function in Mumbai on 19th March. Recently, Godrej takes initiative to make him the new emissary and this endorsement was previously leaded by Akshaye Khanna, Vinod Khanna as well as Saif Ali Khan. After the announcement, the Greek God of Indian Cinema tells that it is really great honor for him. So for customers of India, it is high time to get ready to enjoy the commercial of Cinthol Soap with macho Hrithik Roshon.

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