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Kabir Lal

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Kabir Lal is a famous cinematographer of Bollywood. As a seasoned cinematographer he has worked in a large number of films which includes regional and Hindi movies. By dint of his efforts Kabir Lal has carved out a niche for himself in Mumbai Film Industry.

Kabir Lal was born into a family of cinematographer. He was the youngest son of S.S. Lal a formidable cinematographer, who in his days had more than sixty movies in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam under his belt. Following the footsteps of their father three of his brothers took to the profession long back. With a household so steeped in cinematography, it was natural that Kabir followed the lineage. At the age f 14 he took a plunge into cinematography.

Kabir learnt the tricks of the trade by observing the maestros at work. He imbibed all that he had to and slowly he developed a distinctive style of his own. His keen interest brought him in touch with the latest developments in the field. Soon he tried out new processing and lighting methods, emulsions, exposures all of which gave a new dimension to Hindi movies.

Directors seeking extraordinary treatment and special effects wanted Kabir Lal to be their cinematographer. Teamed with the best directorial and acting talent in the country Kabir has been part of some of the greatest achievements of commercial Indian cinema in the 80`s and 90`s. . In Hindi films, he has worked in many highly successful films like Taal, Kaho Naa Pyar Hai, Sajan, Pardes, Yaadein and The Hero. Highly acclaimed directors who have worked with Kabir Lal include Subhash Ghai, Anil Sharma, Rakesh Roshan, Feroj Khan, Satish Kaushik and Sohail Khan. He has also worked with Dharmendra`s family film "Apne" starring the three Deols.

Apart from Hindi movies Kabir Lal has also contributed to Tamil, Kannada, and Telegu films. He also has many popular ad films to his credit.

With his commitment to excellence and experimenting with new techniques, Kabir Lal`s, cinematography is always a breath of fresh air.

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