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Bollywood Cinematographers

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Bollywood cinematographers are responsible for creating quality films with their camera works. There are several Bollywood cinematographers who have earned reputation not only in India but also on International level.

Some of the renowned Bollywood cinematographers include:
  • K. V. Anad
  • Nirmal Jani
  • Ayananka Bose
  • Ravi K. Chandran
  • Rajeev Jain
  • Subrata Mitra
  • V.K. Murthy
  • Sameer Reddy
  • Kabir Lal
  • Santosh C. Thundiyil
  • Santosh Sivan
  • Binod Pradhan
K. V. Anand:

Noted Bollywood cinematographer K. V. Anand was born on 30th October, 1966. He is also a well-known film director. This young cinematographer has done many films in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil languages. Most of his films have proved to be great hits at the box office.

K. V. Anand`s cinematographic works were critically acclaimed in his debut Malayalam film, "Thenmavin Kombathu." It was made in 1995. This remarkable film won him National Film Award for best cinematography.

K. V. Anand`s popularity soared high with his another successful venture, "Kanaa Kanden." This Tamil hit was released in 2005 and earned him wide acclaim from all sides. "Sivaji: The Boss" is supposed to be his most successful and satisfying venture.

The film was released in 2007. It is thought to be the most successful Indian film from the business point of view. The film is specifically noted for the wonderful cinematography done by K. V. Anand.

Some of K. V. Anand`s most popular Bollywood films include:

The Legend of Bhagat Singh
Nayak: The Real Hero

Nirmal Jani:

Nirmal Jani enjoys wide popularity as one of the most versatile cinematographers of Bollywood. He has vast experience in the field of cinematography. He has around 100 movies to his credit which include both Indian and International films.

Nirmal Jani has been honored with numerous awards for his distinguished talent. He is best known for his innovative visual and cinematic styles on film sets. Apart from the feature films, his other fields of work include television serials, music videos and commercials.

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