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Chennai Then And Now

Submited by- ruchii.kumar on 24 Feb, 2010    Beauty & Fashion

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It has been almost 28 years since we moved to Chennai. Initially when we
moved here my parents were taken aback by the traditionalism of the
South Indians...esp their style of eating!......unfortunately for them I
grew up in an Iyer house and learnt how to eat exactly the way they
did!...make laddus out of the rice and gobble it down!!....ofcourse I
learnt out to vazhicufy my thattu and lick my hands clean!.....that
means to use the entire hand to clean the plate and then lick up all
that sticks to your hand!.....try eating that way........you will truly
enjoy your food.... as the years have gone by, South Indians have become
modern to a great extent , with atleast one person from each household
having gone abroad.....but they havent forgotten their traditionalism. A
few years ago we were attending a typical brahmin wedding. and so we
were served ellai sapadu or food on a banana leaf!.. unfortunately my
father had hurt his thumb and therefore needed a spoon. we asked the
caterers to get us a spoon. After a good 15 minutes, they guy returns
with a karandi or a kadchi!......saying this is what is
available!!....how was one to eat with a huge kadchi!......the next best
option available was that tiny ice cream spoon!......well the choice was
ours!.....that was quite an experience....and to date my dad remembers
to carry his own spoon everytime we go for a wedding... and we still
havent mastered the art of eating from a banana leaf either, although we
enjoy the food a lot. A punju by birth, but despite all the
traditionalism I quite like Chennai, as a place, I like the people for
being simple, their friendliness, and just about everything of this

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