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true life story part-1-1

Submited by- pouttymog on 20 Jan, 2011    Lifestyle

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colours of life

there is nothing great about this story it may be very common among most of the middle class.this is a true life story of a guy born in a middle class family based in chennai.just read it only if you r bored.i am just writing it the way i remember things.at the age of 18 he had just finished his 10th grade and completed his 3year course in diploma. flunked in his diploma. his parents had spent a lot of money in trying to educate this guy but all the effort put on this guy was a total gone case.finally the parents had given up spending on the education of this guy. that was when he started off his career at the age of 18 while all his friends had been doing their graduation.for two years he did odd jobs like ( sticking posters in the night,working as an helper,..etc)just to survive a living not depending on his parents.after attending 100s of interviews.finally the guy managed to crack dwn a job.

since the guy had done his schooling in CBSE standards he was able to speek fluent that fetched him a decent job into a paging company in chennai tht is where he began his real career as a sales person.the two years struggle had made him realise the value of education.but there was some thing called ego that had been bothering him not to beg to his parents that he wanted to study further. he had two choices in life at that age either to accept the job or to kill his ego and start studying further. all of you need to agree that at that age he couldnt kill his ego so he had choosen the job of being a sales person rather than getting back to education.

selling pagers. on the first day during the training that explains how a pager functions. he realized that he is the younge among all the guys. and he also realized tht he was not educated as much as others had been in his team. he had attended the traning program with sheer concentration that even today he would explain it to any one how a pager functions.i still wonder if this guy would have studied where had he been today.
he was given a area where the grandpa and grandson do bussiness. you guys r wondering which area of chennai is that ? yes it is parrys. this guy was suppose to sell 10pagers in a month where a pager would cost not less than 10,000Rs in the year 1995.3months was his probation if he succeeds he remains in the job else he is fired.those days most of the sales jobs where to hire and fire.this guy was thrown into a market where things r not easy to sell.like a new born baby thrown into the ocean,
but this guy all he knew is to work hard.he would have to take a bus from the office reach up to parrys and make calls every day not less than 30 to 40 calls all the chetti streets he must have walked through twice or thrice.by the end of the day exhausted with the tones ringing in his ears he would go to sleep.( echos flash on his mind. customers responses would be like can you gimme for 500Rs? come tommorow? gimme one i will check for two days and see? some get into personel how much salary they pay you? will i get a job ? )with fear of not been able to sell pager and worry of loosing the job tired of thinking he falls asleep.

to be continues............just gimme your feedback if it was interesting i would continue writing more else end this right here.

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