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Awakening the feminine

Submited by- heawnone18 on 27 Apr, 2011    Health

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The rise of womanhood is closely attached with awakening the feminine in all of us. The lead in this direction has to come from the womenfolk. Only if you come together as one unified force we can think about the rise of a new era based on the feminine principle of life. You are the natural carrier of the feminine principle. Mother Nature has bestowed women with the feminine energy of love, compassion, nurturing and healing which leads to unification of every aspect of life whether at the individual level or at the larger level of the world. For Awakening the feminine in you, the need is for self-awareness and self-discovery. This has to be done at the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels.

At the physical level this self-discovery and self-awareness throws an opportunity to delve into areas involving the feminine beauty, care and hygiene. Topics covered can include natural feminine beauty, feminine physique, feminine appearance, feminine face, feminine hairstyle, feminine hands, feminine legs, feminine feet, feminine hygiene etc. At the mental and intellectual level it opens topics related to the feminine psychology, feminine intuition, feminine archetype, feminine genius etc. At the emotional level, it gives an opportunity to understand the feelings and expression of a women especially through the feminine behavior, feminine transformation, feminine essence, feminine charms, feminine grace, feminine symbols, feminine tattoos etc. At the spiritual level the self-discovery and self-awareness opens up the heart and soul of the women in terms of the feminine principle, voice of the feminine spirit, divine feminine etc.

Awakening the feminine: The need

But before that It is important to understand why we require awakening the feminine in us. It is an established scientific fact that both the male and the female gender are bestowed with the masculine and the feminine principles. The masculine principle acts via the reptilian brain present in us and it is the part of our brain or the subconscious part of our mind which controls the flight or fight reactions and all the primitive forces like anger, ego, fear, jealousy, hatred, violence and selfish action.

These forces are predominately visible in men as they are stereotyped from their childhood to express this pattern of behavior and they are forced consciously and subconsciously by the society to suppress the feminine principle in every way that is possible. Ever thought why it is so difficult for men to even have a good cry to let up their pent up emotions? As you can see this kind of suppression by the society has led to a situation where men move in the society by predominately asserting a pattern of behavior totally based on their reptilian brain.

This has led to the creation of a patriarchal society based on power and control. In this setup there is a total suppression of the feminine principle as well as the feminine gender itself. We need to understand that the time of evolution has come. It is now very much important for us especially men to become self-aware and understand the consequences of their action primarily based on the masculine principle. The need is for awakening the feminine.

Awakening the feminine: Evolution of the masculine and feminine principles

If you look at the early human evolution, nature had bestowed in men the masculine principle in larger proportions by default as that is seen in most of the animal kingdom. Those times demanded that kind of excessive masculine force because of the circumstances that prevailed. It was a time when humanity was coping with a harsh world where quick action and decisions had to be taken for survival. Either you were the hunter or you became the hunted.

But as evolution has taken place over the years, humanity has become highly distinctive from the rest of the animal kingdom and it is the predominant species on earth with a capacity to think, to feel and then act. It is a species with far greater source of intelligence that includes the mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual intelligence. No other species on earth has undergone such a rapid and fast paced evolutionary change.

The point is that no more we require the dominant force of the masculine principle as that we had required in the early days of evolution. The reason for it is simple. Humanity has already transcended the survival mode and it is now in a phase where it is exploring the truths and secrets of nature for its further development and progress. Natures truth and secrets cannot be understood or revealed with a fast phased reactionary approach which is for selfish needs.

It needs a deeper level of understanding and connect with the universe to understand natures will, to flow with it and to be one with it. Once that happens, nature will reveal so much of the mysteries which it now withholds from us or may be which we are not able to listen even when nature wants to communicate it to us. To be in sync with nature we need awakening the feminine which shall bring a balance of the masculine and feminine principles in all of us.

Therefore its time to move ahead in an evolutionary path and discard what we dont need anymore and embrace what we need exactly the way species evolve in their natural course. For this to happen first we need to have the awareness and understanding of the prevailing conditions and situation.

Awakening the feminine: The changes that are "slow"

Humanity has to understand the truth that now things are different. Today the changes that are taking place in the environment are not fast phased changes but slow and subtle changes affecting all of us in the long run rather than the immediate time frame. One of the principle reasons for the stagnation and chaos that we see around the world is because of this phenomenon of not recognizing the slow pattern of change that happens around us today. This is so different from the circumstances and environment of our early evolution when we had to use more of our masculine reptilian brain for coping in the fast phased settings of day to day survival.

Today we need to think a lot before jumping into ruthless action. We need to think about how our actions are going to affect us, our neighbors, the society, the world and the future of the world. For this kind of long term and inclusive thinking we need awakening the feminine and a balance between the masculine and feminine principles of nature.

But the problem is that we still continue to live on with the masculine principle as the primary force and that is getting manifested in the society as a behavioral pattern which is exploitative, manipulative, selfish and self-destructive in nature. This is directly manifesting in the attitude that we are projecting in the society and the world today.

Awakening the feminine: Women need to take the lead

We need course correction to avoid a complete collapse of human civilization. For this women need to take the lead in creation and establishment of a new world order which is more balanced and in sync with nature. It needs awakening the feminine which is so much natural to women and which can be transmitted through them easily to the entire humanity for a balance that is so much required.

Therefore as I said in the beginning Awakening the feminine requires a thorough understanding of the feminine and its manifestations in the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual planes.

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