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Wat it the Right Choice?

Submited by- ruchii.kumar on 16 May, 2010    Career

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Ive been in this line for the last 5 years. Yes, I joined the BPO bandwagon, when it wasnt known to be that hot a career choice! I enjoyed the training part of it, I liked the late nights and hobnobbing with the opposite sex, I loved the freedom, the salary was good and I found a new sense of independence. I could buy what I wanted, with no questions asked. I could come home late or sometimes even early in the morning, without raising eyebrows.

We put on fake accents and donned foreign sounding names. We spoke with a twang and had to consciously slide back into our local accent. We were the litist few that people looked up to. Lots envied my job.

But today, I look back and wonder whether I made the right career choice! I cant stand the fake identities, I hate the irregular hours and yes, even though the money is good, I dont have the time to enjoy it. I rarely interact with my family, get left out of most family gatherings and find it hard to keep in touch with my college friends.

Wonder if others in this line feel the same way.- Anoushka

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