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Save the Earth

Submited by- ruchii.kumar on 04 Jan, 2011    Lifestyle

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We can save the earth by practicing simple everyday techniques religiously : 1. Use a reusable bag for shopping vegetables/fruits/groceries. (Result - reduced plastic usage) 2. Put off the lights when not in use. Inculcate this habit in your children. If the room is empty, the last person out has to switch off the lights. (Result - conserve electricity) 3. Use CFL tubes / bulbs where continuous light is needed. Moderately use the lighting during parties/get-togethers. (Result - saving energy as well as your own money) 4. Switch off the monitors when you are only listening music on your PC. Or when you get a call while working on a PC. (Result - conserve energy) 5. Keep wet garbage separate so as dispose it daily when the garbage collecting van arrives. The dry waste like dust / paper / wrappers etc. can be cleared once a week. (Result - You fully use the garbage bags before disposing them off, you can reuse the bags as there is only dry waste). 6. Grow plants. Tell you children to grow plants and take care of them. (Result - increased green cover in the surroundings). 7. Never let any pots/buckets/water tanks overflow. Close all the taps when you go out for little /long time. (Result - conserve water) 8. Do not leave the sink tap open while brushing / shaving. Open the tap only when you need water.(Result - conserve water) In this way we can handover a better environment to our children.

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