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Salons Need to Know About the Suffering of So Many Women.

Submited by- anadwaytrenc on 13 Jan, 2011    Beauty & Fashion

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Countless numbers of women are secretly suffering from improper removal of hair extensions, braids, braiding hair extensions, add-on hair, fusion, bonding hair glue, weaves and dreadlocks.

Add-on hair should be worn for enhancing beauty-not because of self inflicted balding and hair damage.

Many of these women are so embarrassed; they are even hiding their baldness from their husbands.

Salons and retailers that sell wigs, hair glue, hair attachments, braids, extensions and add-on hair or retailers that are considering expanding into this industry segment; must understand that application and removal go hand-n-hand.

Retailers are doing their customers an injustice by not providing a product for safe removal if they sell wigs, hair attachments, braiding hair, extensions and add-on hair.Salon professionals or home users dont have the time or patience to remove braids, bonding glue, hot-fusion, dreadlocks, weaves or hair extensions the right way. Home users are suffering from thinning and balding when they snatch the bonding glue out of their hair. Or when they rush by ripping braids out of their hair without combing through the knots and tangles at the root of the hair. Many stylists are experiencing the same problems with their clients.TAKE DOW products offers seminars to educate on how to add hair attachments to natural hair- maintain and then remove the hair attachments-leaving healthy hair.The company also offers a complete line of products to suit each individuals hair type and textur

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